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CASE STUDY: Thermogreen 3D Glass Roof Terrace Configurator

Case Study

glass roof terrace

Thermogreen AG is a family business located in Switzerland, they have been bringing glass roof terrace since 1991.

Their glass roof terrace solutions help to make the connection between the interior and the garden, using modern, high-quality materials for all kinds of projects, from the simple to the complex.

Client Requirements

Thermogreen has been increasingly growed their local presence online and they needed a 3d product configurator to allow visitors to build their own residential or commercial roofs. The company’s main requirements were to have a user-friendly interface and to be able to pull real-time pricing from Mendix, the company’s ERP, while the user is creating their roof. The company subsequently required a second user interface to help sales staff quickly quote roof designs on site or in their showrooms.


The company selected Simplio3D Enterprise because it wanted to connect its already existing pricing system found in Mendix with the 3D configurator and have a user account system. We implemented the basic core of Simplio3D and started customizing according to their needs. One of the most challenging parts during implementation was the custom UI layout, which was designed from scratch. The custom user interface needed to be intuitive, but at the same time have all the complex features that their products have. The configurator comes with complex conditional logic options and a pricing system that was only solved using the Enterprise plan that allows us to customize part of the Simplio3D platform.


Thermogreen 3D Konfigurator has become an important tool for lead engagement and for staff when creating quotes. They have significantly reduced the quoting process time and attracted more customers with their configurator built into their website.


glass roof terrace configurator

Client Review

“We substantially increased lead generation and received positive customer acclaim. Their commitment and technical prowess are commendable.”
Ron Tiso
Executive, Thermogreen AG