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CASE STUDY: Morph Creator

Case Study

Morph Bricks Ltd. is a company located in the United Kingdom that sells an innovative modular building system.

A cost-effective solution that allows customers to build walls, meeting rooms, spaces, tiered seating of almost any size and the options are endless, all this in a low carbon footprint using the circular economy.

Client Requirements

The company wanted an easy 3d configurator that would allow customers to use their imagination and build anything they want, starting from 8 types of bricks. The web application will allow customers to sign up, configure, find the price, be able to save and submit their designs for the company’s review, before any order is completed. Another important requirement was that for each project, the 3d configurator would generate a unique PDF instruction manual for customers to build themselves easily once the bricks arrived at their destination. 


The solution to their requirements is the Simplio3D Enterprise plan, the company needed a custom user interface, the ability to generate instructions in PDF, and an enabled native user account module not found in the other subscription plans we have. The concept of building walls, meeting spaces or furniture is similar to how Lego works, except that it only uses 8 bricks, each with a specific role in the overall construction. To make the construction process easier, we implemented the snap function in a grid system, the ability to create brick walls by just typing its size, and multiplication with the copy/paste function.


With the help of the 3d configurator, the company increased its online presence, giving customers a unique tool to easily express their creativity while building.


Client Review

“We now have a user friendly creator tool that clients can use which looks great and is fun to use!”
Harvey Banner
Managing Director, Morph Bricks Ltd.