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CASE STUDY: Design Your Own Socks in 3D

Case Study

SocksFactory is a Polish factory operating in the knitting industry since 1998.

Currently, the factory manufactures products for international brands, mostly they produce socks for wholesale, events and marketing campaigns.

Client Requirements

In the first phase, the company needed a 3D sock configurator for their new websites. Customers need the ability to select the type and size of the sock, select the colors from an available fabric catalog, the option to upload their own sock designs using template, share the project using a unique URL link and order page where customers can submit their sock project. The configurator needs to support multi-language since it will be found in 3 different countries.

The second phase requires a login/account module with Gmail and Facebook login, for users to save their projects and have access to an order history, a 2D template editing tool for users to design their own socks directly from the configurator, switch left/right sock, shopping cart system, packaging and label options.


Client selected Enterprise plan and we started to quickly create the custom front-end and enable the 3D viewport with all its presets already built in-house. In order for users to share the project to someone else using unique URL links, we used Firebase. We allowed users to upload their own sock graphics by applying UV mapping on sock 3d model. Finally, when users submit a socks project, the configurator will trigger emails using the Twillio API, an SMTP web service.

Phase 2 implementations, we used a javascript canvas 2D library for users to edit a sock template or label directly in the 3d configurator. Users can directly upload images, crop, drag, rotate, add text and basic shapes to design their own socks and labels right in the app.

We integrate the sock configurator with Stripe and PayPal to finalize orders.


The sock company has an easy way for customers to design their own sock with a few clicks directly from the websites. The sock configurator is found in English, Deutsche and Polish languages.

Currently, the project is ongoing implementing other features such as: coupon system, chat integration, user account module, studio bitmap and adding new 3D models.


Client Review

“Easy to design your order, very good socks shape, very good mapping, project visual improvement and customer understanding.”
Tomasz Gromelski
CEO, SocksFactory