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About us

About us

Simplio3D is a subsidiary of Digital Artflow, a company headquartered in Romania, developing web-based interactive applications since 2009.

The platform was launched in December 2013 being at that time one of the few pioneers in product configuration software, offering for the first time a ready-made solution.

The company created the platform with the mission of making product configurators more flexible in terms of development, but at the same time more affordable and faster delivery, bringing the latest technologies in a unique library of resources named SEL (Simplio Element Library).

Today, the Simplio3D platform has become a very complex software solution covering a wide range of requirements from advanced product customization and 3D visualization techniques, to various backend capabilities and Augmented/Virtual Reality features. From the simplest to the most complex configurators, our solution can cover almost any requirement and budget.

Simplio3D is mentioned by Gartner in Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration as one of the solid providers found on the market today.

Simplio3D mentioned in the Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration Report

2021 Winner for the Most Popular Software in the Product Configurator Category

Crozdesk awarded the Simplio3D with the Happy Users Award