3D Product Configurator – Simplio3D Takes Ecommerce to Another Level

Simplio3D is Included in the Gartner Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration Report


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In the 2020 Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration report, Simplio3D is included for the first time in the list of visual configuration vendors as a software solution provider for product configuration.

The report details the ecosystem of visual product configuration solutions, such as definitions, analysis, recommendations, risks, and a list of vendors. It is very useful for companies that first want to better understand the technologies before they can think about implementing a visually oriented product configurator.

One of the key information found in the report is the benefits of using a visual product configurator. Companies that implement visual configurators achieve significantly higher win rates, reducing production errors and the time for making the proposals.

The report shows an increase trend in adoption of product configurators across many industries, especially in manufacturing, home design, retail and apparel. Gartner also expects adoption of product configurators to grow rapidly in the near future, now that this technology is integrated with CPQ solutions, e-commerce platforms, and the use of Augmented Reality technologies.

Gartner, published every year Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration with all the updated information being the most accurate report in this field. If you are interested in reading the full report, you can download it from www.gartner.com.