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Build Simple to Medium Complexity 3D Product Configuration Tools with No Code Required


Simplio3D allows anyone to build simple to medium complexity product configuration tool without the need to code. Easily build a 3d configurator with options and prices for a shoe, furniture, apparel, devices, equipments, hats, cars, various constructions and the list goes on. Built for everyone, immediate start, sign up and start to build your configurator. As simple as that!

Long Story Short

Digital Artflow has been implementing visual-based quoting applications for more than a decade, and this remains our core expertise today. Most of our customers were medium to large companies, most of them making highly customizable products that are hard to sell if you don’t have the right tools. Selling a product that comes in tens of thousands of options would pose the problem of how companies can easily manage them in front of the buyers. Product configurators or CPQ systems have played a critical role in the era of digital transformation, providing software solutions to easily manage stock, pricing, conditional logic options, integrations and another important component, the visualization of custom products. But these solutions were very expensive and only large companies could afford them. Technology has evolved and 3D rendering has been a great asset for companies selling these highly customizable products.

From the beginning, our team was interested in making 3d product configurators more accessible and easier to use, if possible using as less code as possible for the customization part. This led us to a no-code application platform that originally, exactly 10 years ago in 2013, was a script called Simplio3D. Customers would set up a hosting server and install this script to activate a product configurator in the same way we do now with CMS applications like WordPress. This was just a beginning that came with a lot of challenges that, over time, transformed the whole concept into something more complex that ended up being a set of pre-built modules ready to be implemented in any requirement called SEL – Simplio Element Library. With no doubt, Simplio3D made product configurators more affordable but this didn’t really solve the problem, still many businesses could not afford a 3d product configurator and still required our full support during implementation. 

The Platform Built on Experience

After years of experience working on all kinds of product configurators, we managed to consolidate the modules into something more mature that can cover a wide range of product customization situations, reducing the need for additional programming and consequently, implementation costs. Simplio3D has slowly turned into a no-code application that allows users to build and embed 3D product configurators on their own websites without having to code. Important modules that enable importing 3D models, build options with restrictions, highly flexible option builder with restrictions, pricing system and plug-in integrations with known third-party platforms such as ecommerce platforms and ERP systems. All in one intuitive user interface and well-documented platform that users can access with a subscription plan eliminating high development fees.

Simplio3D v2 uses a unique architecture built with time, allowing anyone to easily build and embed a 3D viewer and a product configurator into a website, all in one place. The platform is organized in 6 major steps: template, import 3D models, create options and its conditional logic options, pricing structure, submission forms, integrations and embedding. The subscription comes in 3 plans: Basic which allows users to deploy up to 5 configurators without integrations, Pro unlocks AR feature and integration with e-commerce, and Enterprise for login system and custom interface that requires low coding or additional development. But Simplio3D is flexible and you can always talk to us directly and see what features you specifically need for your 3d configurators. 

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