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CASE STUDY: Wise Pontoon Deck Designer - 2D Product Configurator

Case Study

2d product configurator

They searched for a flexible online 2D product configurator software, with the possibility of integrating with Shopify.

The Wise Company, Inc is one of the largest manufacturers of pleasure boat seating and interiors in the United States. The company decided to build a 2D product configurator to simplify the order experience for pontoon renovation projects. 

Client Requirements

The application must include 2 versions: a no-price version for lead generation (quote requests) and a price version that includes an integration with Shopify to finalize the orders.

The company also needed a way to distribute the product configurator to their distributors to finalize orders or to collect leads. Another mandatory requirement was for the product configurator to load on most Internet browsers, Android tablets and iPads.


The most appropriate method of implementation is to use the SEL platform from Simplio3D which contains a pre-built 2D visualization module developed using javascript-based canvas to ensure that most internet browsers will not have a problem loading 2D renderings and its features. The 2D visualization module can support drag-&-drop, snapping and viewport editing (rotate, delete, etc.) on both regular internet browsers and touchscreen ready devices.

Another important part of the product configurator is the back-end administrator where the company and distributors can manage the product catalog. The admin user can easily generate iFrame code to share unique product configurator versions based on distributor attributes.


With Deck Designer, the company significantly improved the sales process from both the online and distributor perspectives. The ability to quickly make proposals with a few clicks and eliminate the cost of manually drafting CAD drawings for proposals. The company can easily track customer leads, reduce design consultation time and improve conversion rates. Also, Deck Designer helps the company in brand awareness and creates new marketing channels and ideas for promoting their products.

The app attracts more customers, giving potential customers the opportunity to try multiple designs and have a visual version of their project before ordering. Currently, Deck Designer is an important tool in the company’s workflow to ensure the percentage of lead generation and sales coming from online visitors and distributors.


Client Review

“They did a great job of understanding our needs as an outsider from the industries they’re accustomed to. There was no drop off in communication given that we’re a US manufacturer and they’re a European developer.”
Matt Wood
E-Commerce Project Manager, Wise Company