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CASE STUDY: Customized Simplio3D for Gratnells Stage Planner

Case Study

gratnells stage planner

Gratnells spans more than 125 years, specializing in storage solutions for the education area and medicine.

They have recently innovated with a new range of products, stage sets, ideal for schools and universities. Gratnells offers a 3D stage planner to facilitate build-your-own stage option for potential customers.

Client Requirements

They have sought a flexible solution, qualified to meet their requirements. The company outsourced the project to us through a digital agency with which it collaborates to develop the application.

The 3D stage planner needed the ability to select and drop stage elements into a space where users can draw out the correct dimensions. The stage elements snap to each other for user to get an exact layout while automatically generate a quotation along with BOM (Bill of Materials). Gratnells wanted the app to be delivered relatively quickly.


We have deployed the 3D viewport module from the Simplio3D SEL platform. The module supports user interaction with the 3D items using “docking points”, also known as snap feature, ability to drag-&-drop, remove and also includes a top view mode (orthogonal 2D) included in the module.

In the backend, the administrator can create and manage the product catalog from parts to form modular products for the ability to create a bill of materials when users place an order. We have also implemented the option for users to load the predefined stages to ease the planning process.


Once the 3D Stage Planner was implemented, the whole concept, both online and in showrooms, became very simple. Schools, universities and other organizations have begun planning their own stage without having to contact a representative to help. Today, Gratnells 3D Stage Planner is an important ally in supporting the stage sets concept.


Client Review

“The solution was an effective proof of concept, featuring integrated e-commerce functions and email order processing. Weekly stand-ups helped to manage the project and align remote team members.”
Don Tregartha
Creative Director WSA The Communications Agency