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CASE STUDY: Customize Your Own Craft Cocktail Station in 3D

Case Study

Krowne Metal Corporation is one of the global market leaders in stainless steel underbar equipment.

The company needed a 3D product configurator that allows users to create their own bar.

Client Requirements

The requirements of the project came in 2 stages. In the first stage the company needed an interactive platform that allows users to create their own bar. While the user is configuring his own bar, the product configurator should list the products and options used in the configuration, the price calculation, the ability to generate 2D and 3D renderings and to collect customer information using the submission form. In addition to the ability to manage the product catalog, another important request was a back-end from where to share the 3D product configurator with distributors and collect sales opportunities.

In the second stage, they needed the ability to generate documents when users submit underbar projects and integrating with Revit for consultants to easily create CAD projects from within the application. More design possibilities for the application and support other types of related products. They also wanted the opportunity for consultants to offer potential clients the option for an immersive experience using VR headsets.


We analyzed the client’s requirements closely and saw what resources we can use from Simplio3D SEL Plaform. Using pre-built components, we can make product configurators more budget-friendly, especially those that become more complex.

In the first step, we enabled both 2D and 3D visualization ports for users to view 2D technical drawings and 3D renderings while configuring the underbars. The 2D viewport uses pixi.js to generate images, and 3D viewport uses a WebGL-based framework called three.js built in javascript programming language. Another important module was the back-end from which the administrator can create and manage the product catalog with a few added changes to suit the technical requirements of the product. We have enabled in the back-end the possibility to share the product configurator with other distributors by generating unique iFrame IDs. The iFrame is an HTML based code where you can embed the application anywhere you want in a website, without knowing to code.

In the second stage, everything became more complex, as more functions had to be deployed from the SEL platform or developed from scratch. We have connected the application to a Web Service to connect with Revit software to automatically generate the CAD files coming from the product configurator. The ability to generate files on an order and store them in the cloud. Finally, we activated the WebVR extension to allow VR headset owners to switch from 3D to VR mode.


The underbar product configurator is known as BarFlex3D. Today, BarFlex3D plays a major role in Krowne becoming a perfect example of a modern product configurator successfully integrated into the business.

They quickly received positive feedback from distributors and customers by completing more orders than before, lower return rates and higher customer satisfaction. Completed orders are made more efficient due to faster creation of proposals, including CAD drawings and 3D rendering of ordered products. A reduction in the number of questions and inquiries from distributors.

The virtual reality capability has become an important tool in the showroom to improve efficiency and avoid any bottlenecks of the underbar.


Client Review

“The completed tool has led to an increase in business. It’s visually stunning and the client has received phenomenal feedback from third-party dealers, customers, and the internal team.”
Angelo Santaniello
IT Manager Krowne Metal Corporation