CASE STUDY: Sectional Sofa Woocommerce Product Configurator

Woocommerce product configurator for engaging visitors of the website to interact with a 3D version of a customizable sofa. Furthermore, the configurator offer automatic personalized on-the-spot quotations.

Web-Based Sofa Woocommerce product configurator, using Simplio3D platform. Customized version.

Code/frameworks: three.js for 3D, javascript, php, html5 and MySQL for database. 360 3D Visualization (The ability to rotate and zoom in any angle, live and natural 3D visualization of a product). Deployed/installed on website using iFrame, code-based embedded technique.

Integration with WooCommerce, by forwarding all orders coming from the sofas configurator through WooCommerce’s checkout protocol.

Layout proposal:

custom woocommerce product configurator


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