Digital Artflow launches Simplio3D product configurator ecommerce

Digital Artflow launches Simplio3D product configurator ecommerce, its second software product.

Simplio3D is a web-based visual product configurator ecommerce integrated, an alternative to our first software product, the php Kitchen Planner. The difference between the two is that the php Kitchen Planner is considered a multi-object configurator, that focuses its functions on interior planning solutions.

Our experience with php Kitchen Planner has shown that the majority of the inquiries were tackling the simple 3D set-up. Hence, involves the customization of single objects such as cars, various jewelry exhibitions, apparel  and others. These objects did not quite use a fair percentage of the complexity of the pKP platform, in order to function.

This has led us to a new idea. In order to cut the costs for the set-up, we built a much simpler and dedicated 3D product configurator with ecommerce integration option. Consequently, that could solely fulfill the above mentioned inquiry needs.

We invite you to get in touch with us fore more information regarding Simplio3D and to see how it can help your business.

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