CASE STUDY: Sofa 3D Furniture Configurator with WooCommerce

furniture product configurator

A sofa manufacturing company has requested a proposal for the implementation of a 3D furniture product configurator integrated with the WooCommerce platform.


A web-based responsive 3D furniture product configurator for sofas with the possibility for users to select the type, number of seats, size, design of the arms, fabrics, upholstery and legs. Ability for users to rotate, zoom in and out the product. Very important for the configurator to support Android tablets and iPads, being ready for the touch screen.

Each order that comes from the configurator is pushed to the WooCommerce checkout page for completion.


A good example of how a 3D furniture configurator can be implemented on a website, using the SEL platform. This is a customized version using key block elements and integration with WooCommerce.

3D Sofa Configurator is embedded in a web page specially created to host the iFrames. With the SEL platform, we can activate key block elements to enable the configurator, such as: parameters block, 3D view and ordering module. Then the key block elements take on the same theme as the website. Website visitors will never see the configurator as a separate tool.

furniture product configurator with WooCommerce


The 3D sofa configurator is an important tool to increase conversion and ordering efficiency. Potential customers are more likely to buy if they can see and interact with the product.

The company will be perceived as advanced using such an application and opening up more avenues in marketing to promote the products.

Client Review

"Great product configurator, especially for those who do not have technical skills."
Mohamed M.
Web Developer

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