How We Build Your Product Configurator

3 steps to define a product configurator

In recent months, more and more companies have begun looking for a product configurator to enhance interactivity between customizable products and customers. Of course, this is due to reduced interactivity in showrooms and other related physical sites that help potential customers feel and interact with the products.

The Simplio3D product configurator has been an excellent addition to many companies in recent years and we have learned many things about how to properly integrate one into a successful business.

The recent pandemic event has led many companies to consider implementing a product configurator. But this is not always easy to do, so below we will cover some useful information before a company decides what type of configurator it needs.

1. Define the requirements

Depending on the products you want to configure and the level of complexity in terms of options, the configurator can vary greatly from the simplest that can be easily done in Excel to the complex ones with various restrictions, integrations and a complete management system.

You must first set the requirements: what products you want to customize, information about options, restrictions (conditional logic options), if a product visualization is needed (2D, 3D or both), if you want users to save their configurations (user profile), integration with eCommerce to complete payments or integration with a CRM system and other peripheral features, such as virtual and augmented reality integration.

Once you know the requirements, you know what features you can expect from the configurator. Depending on the product, you may only need 2D or 3D only. For the configurator that contains more than one configurable product, such as modular elements, it is best to have both 2D and 3D. You can use the configurator to generate leads or to complete orders using an e-commerce platform.

2. What technology is best for your configurator

Knowing the requirements, you know what technologies the configurator will use. Using 3D visualization for the configurator will need a technology that allows this feature, such as: three.js, Babylon.js, Unity, Unreal etc. For 2D, the technologies used are: HTML5, pixi.js, three.js, etc. For web development, WebGL-based technology is usually written in javascript programming. If the configurator needs to finalize orders then it needs to be integrated with known ecommerce systems such as: Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.

In our case, before implementing the configurator, we go through the client’s requirements in detail and see the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. Depending on the product and the main purpose of the configurator, there are situations where companies rely more on the visualization side or available options, in other cases companies do not even need a visualization for their product and just want to quickly generate orders or proposals. Depending on their needs, the technologies can be deployed.

3. Cost of implementing

In the early days most of the product configurators wore developed from scratch which made them quite expensive and time consuming. This is why we built Simplio3D, having most of the common elements already developed its easier to concentrate only on the customization part and have the configurator ready at an affordable cost and more quickly.

The cost of a product configurator is strictly related to the level of complexity. But the configurator does not have to have all the features at once, it can be implemented in stages. Going through the steps, you can first see the reaction of your customers and then see what additions are worth making to align your configurator with your business. This way, you can better control your implementation costs and make sure your configurator is properly scaled.

The Simplio3D platform is a library that contains a set of modules with various features that you can find on most configurators, such as: 2D and 3D viewport, Product Options Management Module, Integrations, User Interface, Login/Account Module, etc. Depending on each configurator, some modules are enabled and others are disabled and, above the version, can be customized because most of the time, the configurators are quite different from each other.

You can always contact us for a complete free consultation and see if Simplio3D can help your business.

Simplio3D is included in the Gartner Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration report

Gartner mentioned Simplio3D

In the 2020 Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration report, Simplio3D is included for the first time in the list of visual configuration vendors as a software solution provider for product configuration.

The report details the ecosystem of visual product configuration solutions, such as definitions, analysis, recommendations, risks, and a list of vendors. It is very useful for companies that first want to better understand the technologies before they can think about implementing a visually oriented product configurator.

One of the key information found in the report is the benefits of using a visual product configurator. Companies that implement visual configurators achieve significantly higher win rates, reducing production errors and the time for making the proposals.

The report shows an increase trend in adoption of product configurators across many industries, especially in manufacturing, home design, retail and apparel. Gartner also expects adoption of product configurators to grow rapidly in the near future, now that this technology is integrated with CPQ solutions, e-commerce platforms, and the use of Augmented Reality technologies.

Gartner, published every year Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration with all the updated information being the most accurate report in this field. If you are interested in reading the full report, you can download it from

CASE STUDY: Wise Pontoon Deck Designer – 2D Product Configurator

2D Product Configurator

The Wise Company, Inc is one of the largest manufacturers of pleasure boat seating and interiors in the United States. They searched for flexible online 2D product configurator software, with the possibility of integrating with Shopify.


Wise Company has decided to build a 2D product configurator to simplify the order experience for pontoon renovation projects.
The application must include 2 versions: a no-price version for lead generation (quote requests) and a price version that includes an integration with Shopify to finalize the orders.

The company also needed a way to distribute the product configurator to their distributors to finalize orders or to collect leads.
Another mandatory requirement was for the product configurator to load on most Internet browsers, Android tablets and iPads.


The most appropriate method of implementation is to use the SEL platform from Simplio3D which contains a pre-built 2D visualization module developed using HTML5 to ensure that most internet browsers will not have a problem loading 2D renderings and its features. No need for third-party plugins to load properly the application.

The 2D visualization module can support drag-&-drop, snapping and viewport editing (rotate, delete, etc.) on both regular internet browsers and touchscreen ready devices.

Another important part of the product configurator is the back-end administrator where the company and distributors can manage the product catalog. The admin user can easily generate iFrame code to share unique product configurator versions based on distributor attributes.


With Deck Designer, the company significantly improved the sales process from both the online and distributor perspectives. The ability to quickly make proposals with a few clicks and eliminate the cost of manually drafting CAD drawings for proposals. The company can easily track customer leads, reduce design consultation time and improve conversion rates. Also, Deck Designer helps the company in brand awareness and creates new marketing channels and ideas for promoting their products.

The app attracts more customers, giving potential customers the opportunity to try multiple designs and have a visual version of their project before ordering. Currently, Deck Designer is an important tool in the company’s workflow to ensure the percentage of lead generation and sales coming from online visitors and distributors.

Client Review

"They did a great job of understanding our needs as an outsider from the industries they're accustomed to. There was no drop off in communication given that we're a US manufacturer and they're a European developer."
Matt Wood
E-Commerce Project Manager, Wise Company

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CASE STUDY: Customize your own Craft Cocktail station

Barflex3D Customize your own underbar

Krowne Metal Corporation is one of the global market leaders in stainless steel underbar equipment. The company needed a 3D product configurator that allows users to create their own bar.


The requirements of the project came in 2 stages. In the first stage the company needed an interactive platform that allows users to create their own bar. While the user is configuring his own bar, the product configurator should list the products and options used in the configuration, the price calculation, the ability to generate 2D and 3D renderings and to collect customer information using the submission form. In addition to the ability to manage the product catalog, another important request was a back-end from where to share the 3D product configurator with distributors and collect sales opportunities.

In the second stage, they needed the ability to generate documents when users submit underbar projects and integrating with Revit for consultants to easily create CAD projects from within the application. More design possibilities for the application and support other types of related products. They also wanted the opportunity for consultants to offer potential clients the option for an immersive experience using VR headsets.


We analyzed the client’s requirements closely and saw what resources we can use from Simplio3D SEL Plaform. Using pre-built components, we can make product configurators more budget-friendly, especially those that become more complex.

In the first step, we enabled both 2D and 3D visualization ports for users to view 2D technical drawings and 3D renderings while configuring the underbars. The 2D viewport uses pixi.js to generate images, and 3D viewport uses a WebGL-based framework called three.js built with javascript programming language. Another important module was the back-end from which the administrator can create and manage the product catalog with a few added changes to suit the technical requirements of the product. We have enabled in the back-end the possibility to share the product configurator with other distributors by generating unique iFrames. The iFrame is an HTML based code where you can embed the application anywhere you want in a website, without knowing to code.

In the second stage, everything became more complex, as more functions had to be deployed from the SEL platform or developed from scratch. We have connected the application to a Web Service to connect with Revit software to automatically generate the CAD project coming from the product configurator. The ability to generate files on an order and store them in the cloud. Finally, we activated the WebVR extension to allow VR headset owners to switch from 3D to VR mode.


The underbar product configurator is known as BarFlex3D. Today, BarFlex3D plays a major role in Krowne becoming a perfect example of a modern product configurator successfully integrated into the business.

They quickly received positive feedback from distributors and customers by completing more orders than before, lower return rates and higher customer satisfaction. Completed orders are made more efficient due to faster creation of proposals, including CAD drawings and 3D rendering of ordered products. A reduction in the number of questions and inquiries from distributors.

The virtual reality capability has become an important tool in the showroom to improve efficiency and avoid any bottlenecks of the underbar.

Client Review

"The completed tool has led to an increase in business. It’s visually stunning and the client has received phenomenal feedback from third-party dealers, customers, and the internal team."
Angelo Santaniello
IT Manager Krowne Metal Corporation

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CASE STUDY: Customized Simplio3D for Gratnells stage planner

Gratnells 3D Stage Planner

Gratnells spans more than 125 years, specializing in storage solutions for the education area and medicine. They have recently innovated with a new range of products, stage sets, ideal for schools and universities. Gratnells offers a 3D stage planner to facilitate build-your-own stage option for potential customers.


They have sought a flexible solution, qualified to meet their requirements. The company outsourced the project to us through a digital agency with which it collaborates to develop the application.

The 3D stage planner needed the ability to select and drop stage elements into a space where users can draw out the correct dimensions. The stage elements snap to each other for user to get an exact layout while automatically generate a quotation along with BOM (Bill of Materials). Gratnells wanted the app to be delivered relatively quickly.


We have activated the 3D viewport from the Simplio3D SEL platform. The module supports user interaction with the 3D image through “docking points”, also known as snap feature, ability to drag-&-drop, remove and also includes a top view mode (orthogonal 2D) included in the module.

In the backend, the administrator can create and manage the product catalog from parts to form modular products for the ability to create a bill of materials when users place an order. We have also implemented the option for users to load the predefined stages to ease the planning process.


Once the 3D Stage Planner was implemented, the whole concept, both online and in showrooms, became very simple. Schools, universities and other organizations have begun planning their own stage without having to contact a representative to help. Today, Gratnells 3D Stage Planner is an important ally in supporting the stage sets concept.

Client Review

"The solution was an effective proof of concept, featuring integrated e-commerce functions and email order processing. Weekly stand-ups helped to manage the project and align remote team members."
Don Tregartha
Creative Director WSA The Communications Agency

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CASE STUDY: ProGrip Remote Control Configurator

ProGrip Industrial Remote Control Configurator

FSL Electronics is a company in Cookstown, United Kingdom, that sells electronic equipment. The company needed a fast and affordable remote control configurator for the WordPress website.


They wanted a way for users to design their own industrial remote control directly from a website. The product configurator must support the ability to select grip color, number of buttons, naming the buttons, able to upload a logo, type of battery and accessories. Depending on what the user selects, other options appear.
No need for ecommerce integration, but only the possibility to send a quote request. The product configurator must be hosted on their server.


The basic version of Simplio3D was the perfect match for their requirements.
Image rendering included in the basic version is based on pixi.js which means that the loading speed of an image is almost instantaneous. We have enabled the conditioned logic options so that depending on what the user selects, other options appear. Easily embed the product configurator using an iFrame. Standard quote request form.

Remote Control Configurator


Users can design their own industrial remote control in a few clicks without the need to manually draft proposals, reducing the number of questions. There is an increase in online orders, as online visitors are more confident that they will receive the correct product if they can see it before ordering.

Client Review

"Simplio3D was everything we expected it to be and more. It has proved beneficial to us and still remains a good enquiry driver to this day in it’s current form."
Marc M.
Sales and Marketing at FSL Electronics Ltd.

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CASE STUDY: Sofa 3D Furniture Configurator with WooCommerce

furniture product configurator

A sofa manufacturing company has requested a proposal for the implementation of a 3D furniture product configurator integrated with the WooCommerce platform.


A web-based responsive 3D furniture product configurator for sofas with the possibility for users to select the type, number of seats, size, design of the arms, fabrics, upholstery and legs. Ability for users to rotate, zoom in and out the product. Very important for the configurator to support Android tablets and iPads, being ready for the touch screen.

Each order that comes from the configurator is pushed to the WooCommerce checkout page for completion.


A good example of how a 3D furniture configurator can be implemented on a website, using the SEL platform. This is a customized version using key block elements and integration with WooCommerce.

3D Sofa Configurator is embedded in a web page specially created to host the iFrames. With the SEL platform, we can activate key block elements to enable the configurator, such as: parameters block, 3D view and ordering module. Then the key block elements take on the same theme as the website. Website visitors will never see the configurator as a separate tool.

furniture product configurator with WooCommerce


The 3D sofa configurator is an important tool to increase conversion and ordering efficiency. Potential customers are more likely to buy if they can see and interact with the product.

The company will be perceived as advanced using such an application and opening up more avenues in marketing to promote the products.

Client Review

"Great product configurator, especially for those who do not have technical skills."
Mohamed M.
Web Developer

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UPDATE: Simplio3D Product Configurator New Version Release 1.3

Product Configurator

Simplio3D Product Configurator New Basic Version Release 1.3 is available.

We have released a new version, Simplio3D 1.3 online product configurator with a few additional fixes and features:

–          Shopify & PayPal Integration by Default

–          “Place Order” UI Improvements

–          A few bug fixes detected

We are in continuous improvement so we are open for suggestions, feedbacks and bug reports, feel free to contact us.

CASE STUDY: Design a Custom Wooden Box and see it in 3D

Design a custom wooden box in 3d

How about creating your own wooden box and select your desired options for the best look of your gift? Design a custom wooden box and see it in 3D.


Glenn, one of our first customers in 2014, a wood craftsman and the owner of has been looking for a quick and affordable way to give users the ability to design their own custom wood box and see it from different angles. Also, the client needed a way to complete the orders.


Simplio3D was the right solution for Glenn because he could buy the application without the need for monthly payments. And the basic version also includes the back-end part with all the necessary functions to add and maintain the products without our intervention.

Integration with PayPal is included in the basic version and Glenn has this feature enabled for finalizing payments. The configurator was embedded in the website with the help of an iFrame without the need for any other code. We also provided the content part and the introduction of the products in the database as a complementary service.

Design a custom wooden box


Simplio3D solved a problem for Glenn in avoiding making sketches until he reached the final product the client wants. The configurator helps to quickly generate some images and a quote for a customized wooden box. 

Affordable and quick installation, Glenn could start using the product configurator for his website right away.

Client Review

"Because of the 3D images Digital Artflow created, many custom box orders have been received. Thank you Digital Artflow for the Rotatable 3D images that help my customer visualize their purchases."
Glenn Nief
Wood Craftsman

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Digital Artflow launches a 3D configurator for ecommerce websites

Digital Artflow launches a 3d configurator platform for ecommerce websites, its second software product.

Simplio3D is a web-based visual oriented 3d configurator with ecommerce capabilities, an alternative to our first software product, the php Kitchen Planner. The difference between the two is that the php Kitchen Planner is considered a multi-object configurator (floor planning system), that focuses its functions on interior design industry.

Our experience with php Kitchen Planner has shown that the majority of the inquiries were tackling the one product 3D set-up. Hence, involves the customization of single objects such as cars, various jewelry exhibitions, apparel  and others.

These objects did not quite use a fair percentage of the complexity of the pKP platform, in order to function.

This has led us to a new idea. In order to cut the costs for the set-up, we built a much simpler and dedicated 3D product configurator with ecommerce integration option. 

Consequently, that could solely fulfill the above mentioned inquiry needs.

We invite you to get in touch with us fore more information regarding Simplio3D and to see how it can help your business.

Simplio3D product configurator